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The perfect way to start your net-zero carbon journey. A complete assessment which gives you a clear set of feasibility recommendations. You can start to implement immediately and move with confidence towards becoming a net-zero organisation.

This is your roadmap for successfully achieving your net-zero milestones and objectives. The strategy will help you gain clarity on what opportunities to act upon, short-term and long-term, which projects to run, in which sequence and what resources are needed.

You don’t know who to turn to implement the net-zero carbon strategy? Delegate all or some of your net-zero projects, to a bespoke team of experts who will deliver on time.

We review your internal data and provide you with an independent Net-Zero Progress Report on how you benchmark against the industry. This is the dashboard of your net-zero carbon journey. It flags the areas where you are ahead and those where there is room to accelerate and do more.

1. Readiness Assessment

Built specifically with the industry’s key challenges in mind, the Readiness Assessment is designed to answer 3 common questions:

  • We have net-zero carbon goals, where do we even start from to achieve them?
  • How do we calculate our carbon footprint as an organisation?
  • How can we know the carbon footprint of the businesses we want to invest in, so we can make better investments?

The Readiness Assessment is a one-of-a-kind solution that brings together the latest innovations in technology, deep understanding of carbon mapping and use of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, as well as inside knowledge of the global investment world.

It accurately assesses your current carbon footprint and highlights the biggest opportunities for decarbonisation.

Unlike current indices and analytics that are limited in scope, static and focus on top-down assessments, the Readiness Assessment takes a bottom-up approach based on a clear understanding of carbon emissions across the entire supply chain. This enables you to receive more accurate data and a better understanding of your carbon footprint.

Readiness Assessment is built on 3 Pillars:

  1. Detailed Carbon Assessment (DCA) to understand your current footprint and the potential you have for reducing carbon across multiple businesses or service lines.
    This includes scope 1 (direct emissions), 2 (indirect emissions from electricity purchased) and 3 (other indirect emissions from sources that you do not own or control). It covers footprinting, verification, reduction opportunities, offsetting solutions and mandatory reporting.
  2. Geosolutions Data to survey real assets such as land, buildings, water sources, transport and infrastructure and to find the most effective opportunities for renewable and other sustainable technology use.
  3. Impact Measurement to capture the impact your business, project or organisation has on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We use a globally recognised measurement framework to benchmark your organisation or project against industry standards.

The Output of the Readiness Assessment is a Baseline Assessment with a clear set of feasibility recommendations that you can start to implement to move towards becoming net-zero.

The Readiness Assessment can easily be applied to SMEs or larger businesses committed to net-zero targets.

2. Going Net-Zero Strategy

The Going Net-Zero Strategy can be tailored to SMEs, larger companies and local governments.

It answers a very specific question:

  • We have set our net-zero goals. How do we achieve them on time and with the best use of our resources (time, team, budget)?

Building a net-zero strategy requires you to have assessed your biggest opportunities for decarbonisation. This can be done by you internally or by using our Readiness Assessment solution.

Together with you, we agree on what needs to be done to achieve your net-zero goals. You will gain clarity on what opportunities to act upon, short-term and long-term, in which sequence and what resources are needed. We will look at how to streamline operations and use renewable and environmental technologies.

Not only will all this help your organisation achieve your net-zero goals, but it can also result in cost-efficiencies and increase in profitability.

We have the knowledge, expertise, processes and drive to get you to where you want to go faster, with less effort and time from your side.

The Going Net-Zero Strategy is built on 3 pillars:

  • Creation of carbon reduction targets at different levels of the organisation, also with appropriate benchmarks;
  • Identification of renewable energy and new technologies to reduce carbon emissions, create cost and resource efficiencies, as well as a consideration of environmental and social impacts;
  • Understanding of carbon credit options and appropriate carbon offset projects.

The Output is a 10-page Strategy document that includes objectives, strategies for implementation, resources required, risks and how to address them, timeline and recommendations for implementation. 

3. All-In-One Implementation

As an SME, larger organisation or a local government, implementing a net-carbon strategy might require a considerable amount of your time and resources. Also, there are multiple experts and suppliers who you might need to oversee and make sure targets are achieved on time. All this can create a high degree of complexity resulting in delays, overspending and much stress.

The common question is:

  • How can we implement our net-zero carbon strategy in a cost-effective and timely manner?

Our All-In-One Implementation solution aims to answer exactly that. It is a bespoke solution which consists of creating an Implementation team for your specific situation and industry, covering all of the project deliverables laid out in the net-zero strategy.

We start by understanding the details of your net-zero strategy. Then, we roll up our sleeves and bring in a team of experts who will implement the solutions (e.g. bio-securities, energy consumption savings, waste reduction and water treatment to name a few). What’s more, we will lead the team and make sure that the objectives and timelines included in the strategy are met.

For your reassurance, we have strict criteria for choosing the Implementation Team.

We look for particular qualities, for example:

  • Solid track record
  • High quality skill set in the specific implementation area e.g. solar installation, environmental waste technology
  • Commercial competitiveness
  • Local presence


If you do not yet have a net-zero strategy, we can help you define it by using our Going Net-Zero Strategy solution.

4. Pulse Monitoring

Are you an SME, large enterprise or local government that has been implementing net-zero projects?

If that’s the case, you probably ask yourself:

  • How do we measure our progress?
  • Are we progressing quickly enough?
  • How do we compare with the industry benchmark, are we ahead or behind?

This is where our Pulse Monitoring solution comes in. We review your internal data and offer you an independent Net-Zero Progress Report on how you benchmark against the industry. This data covers the whole scope from operation and power, to emissions and occurrences.

The Net-Zero Progress Report is produced annually and includes:

  • Carbon progress report and benchmarking
  • Geosolutions mapping including backward-looking and forward-looking scenario analysis
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals impact progress report
  • Observations and recommendations on where your biggest opportunities for improvement are


You can share the results of the Report with your stakeholders or shareholders.

Also, you can use it in your communications to share the actual impact that you make and attract and inspire your customers and partners.

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10B Data Lens

10B Data Lens is our elite service. We offer it only to organisations that are committed to their net-zero carbon objectives and that want to have an expert partner by their side throughout the journey. Our team of experts will assess your current situation, develop a bespoke strategy, manage the implementation and monitor progress. For more details, contact us directly.

Why Choose Us

We are a team of innovators
We are actively looking and working on joining the dots between the latest technology, processes and ideas. Because we know that new challenges cannot be addressed with old tools and thinking.

We save you time and budget

We have internal processes, technology and tools that help us be fast and precise. We also take pride in having the best team of experts you could get, who know in an instant what to do and how to move you forward, so you are always reassured that you will achieve your goals on time, with quality and even with limited resources.

We are pragmatics

We know all too well that a sustainability journey can be windy and challenging at times. We also recognise that sustainability is not a means to an end; it is, instead, meant to improve financial, social and well-being indicators and support the leadership of the organisation to achieve its goals. We use our deep knowledge of the market and UN SDGs, our outcome-oriented approach and a very down-to-Earth attitude to move through any challenges and make sure you hit on all the indicators that are relevant to you.

We are industry insiders

We all “grew up” in sustainability-focused environments and therefore know the inside-out of the environmental technology and sustainable investment worlds. There is no doubt that this helps us be faster and more accurate in all we do.

We are committed to make a difference

Our whole purpose of being is to accelerate the transition to a sustainable and self-sufficient society. All our team share the same dreams, goals, values and determination to make it happen. One project at a time. Our commitment means that we will go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals, in a way that suits your organisation the most.

"When you partner with someone, you don’t want them to do just the bare minimum. You want them to go above and beyond. That is what we have found with the 10B World team. From initial engagement through to project delivery; the knowledge, drive and focus on what really matters is something that is built within the team’s DNA."

- Sustainable Technology Partner